- Soderhn is a giant peninsula south of the Bellowing Hightops
- It’s pretty big. It would take about 2 month to go from east to west near the mountain range. It would take between 6 to 8 weeks to go from the mountain to the southernmost tip. And that’s taking the roads.


- It is currently ruled by a single King, called [Name needed].
- The king has advisors, 2 of which are dwarven and elven. The others are all humans.

- There are small-ish dwarven and elven cities in Soderhn. They act a bit like city-states.
- Most civilised cities/town are mostly humans. Other races tend to keep to themselves in lesser numbers.


- Magic is not very common in Soderhn.
- Wizard apprentice learn from more experienced wizards
- Most priests aren’t magic
- Druids are rare.
- Tribe-based societies might have a single magic-user, usually called shamans


- The kingdom is pretty insular. Mostly because of 2 reasons:
– The northern mountains are difficult to cross
– The sea is dangerous, so successful trading is rare.
- Trading within the kingdom is pretty common, although the wilderness is dangerous, so caravans generally have armed guards.
- Rivers can also be used, but the lack of control over the route can sometimes lead to ambushes by the more intelligent monsters.


- literacy is limited. There are more illiterate people than literate ones. The capital’s population might be the only one that’s different. Maybe, if we don’t count the poor.


- Adventurers are not very common in Soderhn.


- The Gods are not physically active. They will sometimes give out visions and dreams to their followers, but not much more.
- Afterlife is a complex matter. There are a number of different theory depending on one’s own belief and religion.

Planar Theories

- Most people don’t know or care about planar theory. Wizards and other learned people will know about planes, although planar travel is not heard of.
- “Ethereal plane” is the name given to something that is not quite a plane itself, as it is only a different perception of the material plane (Think Shadowrun astral projections, but without leaving the body behind, I guess). Blink works as described in the PHB. It’s called a “plane” by novices because you can go there without leaving your body behind.


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